My Family

My Family

Monday, November 20, 2017

My Best Friend’s Wedding


This picture is beautiful!

I am so excited that my bff found the man of her dreams. They are absolutely perfect together and I’m wishing them a lifetime of happiness and joy! 

The festivities began Friday at noon. We left our house around 7am Friday morning. We rented an Airbnb and asked Trevor’s parents if they wanted to join us on a little vaca. They were so kind and accepted. This way, I didn’t have to be away from both boys all weekend, but we could still go to the wedding without kids. Thank you Tony and Vanessa for hanging out with the boys! Brooks stayed the night with grandma and papa Thursday night so we wouldn’t have to wake him up to leave for Denton. Plus, attending the rehearsal and lunch were way easier without a toddler. Rhett is in the houseplant stage, so he was no trouble. After lunch we went back to our Airbnb and I got to hang out with both boys before the evening festivities began.

Friday evening we attended a Happy Hour and then the Rehearsal Dinner which was at Hannah’s Off the Square in downtown Denton. It was delicious!!

That night was the night that everyone gave speeches. Here was mine:

Beautiful Nichole, that’s how she’s known by members of my family
And everyone here that knows Nichole, I’m sure would agree
She is absolutely stunning, especially on a day like today
But her heart of gold is what wins us over each and every day
For those of you that don’t know, I’m Nichole’s friend from Oklahoma State
We both pledged G-Phi and since then, we’ve been hard to separate
We lived together several times throughout the years 
And through it all, we have laughed a lot, eaten a lot of oreos and had our fair share of tears
I’m really not joking about the oreos, you see
We had several nights where we would watch One Tree Hill or Grey’s Anatomy and go on an Oreo spree
Nichole is also a huge fan of romantic movies
Prince Charming, love, man of your dreams, yes please!
If the movie didn’t have a happily ever after
We would have to mark that one off the list to watch forever
We were often mistaken for sisters, maybe it was the hair
And date parties we often got ready together and would coordinate what to wear
After college, it was separate states for the two of us
But that didn’t stop us from finding ways to still be part of the big events in our lives, plus
It always gave us a neat place to travel with a bed to put our head
Branson, Shreveport, Atlanta, Houston, Tulsa; we’ve been pretty widespread
Nichole has been there for me during the highs and lows
She’s seen me at my ultimate worst, and everyone probably already knows
Based on the person Nichole is, she did everything she could to be there for me through thick and thin
She truly is an incredible best friend
I definitely don’t know Stephen as well
But I do know that him and Nichole are just perfect for each other, I can just tell
Thank you Stephen, for pushing my friend to do things she’s never done
To love like there is no tomorrow and to be there for her beyond anyone
You are the true definition of a gentlemen, I know
I can tell that by how you speak to and listen to your bride, she has the glow
Even just being around the two of you for a couple weekends here and there 
You are both so kind, considerate, attentive and thoughtful - love is in the air
Even after you have been married for some time now, like me and some of you
Some of us could take a couple pages from your book on how to treat each other just watching you two
I think I speak for everyone when I say, we are so excited for y’all on this very special day
We are your family, your friends and your support along the way
We wish you the best in this exciting new phase
We love you so much and we are here for you always

Saturday morning came and I was so thankful I got to wake up to these two...

We all went to breakfast together on the square and then Trevor, his parents and the boys headed to IKEA and I headed to the wedding venue. 

All the bridesmaids

He is so handsome!

OSU girls 

I loved getting to hang out with you Katy!! It’s been too long! 

Nichole and Stephen, we had a wonderful time at your wedding. I’m so thankful that I got to be part of your special day. You are an incredible friend! We wish you all a lifetime of love and happiness! Love you!!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Rhett Michael Morris - Newborn Photos

I am currently swooning over these photos!! My cousin Carley is seriously an amazing photographer and a baby whisperer. Put those together and you get some AMAZING newborn photos! Somehow she even captured my wild child smiling in pictures...he is too busy to sit down right now, so pictures are a challenge.

Seriously amazing!!! I am so exited to get these printed and in my house! Isn’t that puppy outfit ADORABLE!!! Props to my sister-in-law, Katy for crocheting that cute thing!

Morris Brothers 16 & 1

I was a little stressed about keeping up with 2 kids on the blog, so I have decided to combine their monthly posts. ;)

Brooks turned 16 Months on the 1st. 
Rhett turns 1 Month on the 9th. 
*Hence the title: Morris Brothers 16 & 1 ;)

What Brooks has been up to:
Wow it is has been an exciting month!
*Brooks got his 1st haircut! He looks like such a big boy!!!
*Little man got sick again 2 days before we went to the hospital to have Rhett and had an upper respiratory infection, which led to a yeast infection. Poor guy! We are actually still battling this!
*Brooks became a BIG BROTHER!
*Brooks experienced the zoo for the first time and had a great time. 
*We are finally down to 1 nap. This was an adjustment, but after about a week and a half, it finally started to look up!
*Brooks was an OSU football player for Halloween and had a great time!
*We have added several words to our vocabulary, one of which is “sit.” This closely resembles a similar word that starts with “sh.” He says it ALL.THE.TIME because he wants to sit in your lap or on the couch or next to you. We get a kick out of it. Another new word is “bubby” which is what he calls Rhett. He has this little soft puppy that he carries around too, so a lot of the time we aren’t sure if he is saying “bubby” or “puppy.” Regardless, it’s super cute! He says “boo” all the time too when he is trying to play peek-a-boo with people. Some other words are “duck,” “geese” and cheese. He will also tell us when he wants rice which he calls “ice” or “sauce.” haha!

What Rhett had been up to:
He is a sleeping machine! I am not complaining!! He is such a chill baby. He likes being held, but also doesn’t mind chillin on the boppy. Somehow he sleeps through brothers screaming. Haha! At night he is sleeping in his crib most of the night and sleeping in our room in this little bassinet early mornings around the time Trevor leaves for work. He does so good at night. The last couple weeks he has even slept 5-6 hours straight, which is glorious. This is proof that God hears our prayers, even the silly ones. I prayed for both my boys to be good sleepers and they are (so far). 

Since this was Rhett’s first month, I did weekly posts which you can read here:

Here are our monthly pictures:

I had to take this photo a little early to make it on the blog. :)

These are pictures after Brooks’s 15 month post before Rhett was born. 

Cutie after his hair cut. 

His smile is the best!

Me and my mom took Brooks to Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch one Friday afternoon and he had a blast! It was so much fun to hang out with Brooks and do something special with him before baby number 2 arrived.


He loved the goats! When we ventured away to look at other animals, he always went running back to the goats.

He was not a fan of the camels!

Here are a couple repeat photos from Rhett’s first, second and third week blog posts. 

Here is the start of Week 4 and new photos:

Wearing granddaddy’s boots. 

Sandbox fun! We have to take advantage of these beautiful fall days when we can!

My lil book worm. 

Fun Halloween can read about our night here

On November 1st Brooks turned 16 Months. He is a wild man these days, so we had a lot of bloopers. Haha! I thought this one was too cute!

November 2nd was my grandparents’ 65th wedddung Anniversary! Now that is something to celebrate! Which is exactly what we did! We drove to Kansas the first of November to celebrate with my whole family! We all had a great time!

Brooks got to play with tractors. 

And take basket rides around the house. ;)

We even had cute matching shirts for the party (thanks Samy), which I did not get a good picture of. Haha!

We loved celebrating these two!!!

GiGi and Great Grandpa’s house must have worn these two out!!

Being their mom is the BEST!! And getting to stay home with them is a dream come true. Some days are hard and I’m usually exhausted, but I love it. I wouldn’t want it any other way! A lady at Walmart approached me and said she could tell that I love being a mom and that was the BIGGEST compliment!